Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day (17 March)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! On the 17th of March, people all over the world celebrate Irish culture and heritageErbe, hier Geschichte in commemoration of Ireland’s patron saintSchutzpatron.

Who was Saint Patrick? The patron saint of Ireland lived in the fifth century. No one knows exactly when he was born, but he is believed to have diedman glaubt, dass er gestorben ist on the 17th of March. As a teenager he was kidnapped and sold into slaveryin die Sklaverei verkauft in Ireland. During that time he learned a lot about Irish traditions and beliefsGlaube, Glaubensrichtungen. After six years, he managed to escapees gelang ihm zu entkommen. He fled from the island and finally found shelterfind shelter = Schutz finden in Gaul (France), where he stayed and studied for 12 years. Having become a bishop, he decided to go back to Ireland as a missionaryMissionär. As he knew the Irish and what was important to them, Patrick managederreichte to convertkonvertierten many Irish pagansUngläubige to Chirstianityzum Christentum. This is, for example, how the Celtic crosskeltisches Kreuz came into existenceentstand – Patrick simply added a circle to the Christian cross, symbolizing the sun. Even more famous is how Patrick used the three-leaved shamrockKleeblatt to explain the TrinityDreifaltigkeit of father, son and holy ghostheiliger Geist to Irish pagans. The shamrock is therefore a symbol you'll find everywhere on Saint Patrick’s Day.

What happens on Saint Patrick’s Day? The 17th of March is a public holidaygesetzlicher Feiertag in Ireland, but it is celebrated all over the world by Irish people and lovershier Fans of Ireland. There are parades in the streets, and music and dancing everywhere, especially in Irish pubs. People usually wear something green on that day, they dance, sing, have fun … and drink, especially Irish stoutdunkles Bier, z. B. Guinness and whiskey. Many pubs sell green beer and in Chicago the river is dyed green in celebration. So check out if there is an event near you and enjoy the craic= Have fun!, Have a great time! as the Irish say.

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  1. Saint Patrick was born on the 17th of March.
  2. He first came to Ireland as a slave.
  3. Saint Patrick’s Day is a public holiday all over the world.