Exercises – Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct form to complete the sentences.

  1. Living in Norway, Selina cold weather.be accustomed to something → be used to + noun
  2. Johnny smoke.past habit → used to + infinitive
  3. Did Alex be fat?past state, question → did … use to …?
  4. Amanda the busy streets of London.be accustomed to something → be used to + noun
  5. I go to the beach every day when I lived by the coast.past habit → used to + infinitive
  6. The new job is good but I have to the late nights.process of becoming accustomed → get used to + noun

Complete the sentences with used to or the correct form of be used to. You may need to use a negative.

  1. There be a park here, but it’s gone now.past state → used to + infinitive
  2. I having so much homework, it’s too much.not familiar with something, first person → am not used to + gerund
  3. Our cat sleeping on the bed.be familiar with something, third person → is used to + gerund
  4. We didn’t have a car but these days we drive everywhere.past state, negative → didn’t use to + infinitive
  5. My brother and I fight a lot, but know we are great friends.past habit → used to + infinitive