Grocery Shopping (Topic: Going Shopping)

Grocery Shopping

Martin went shopping yesterday. He is vegan, so he always buys lots of vegetables. Normally, he buys vegetables at the small local market, but it was closed yesterday, so he went to the large supermarket instead. The supermarket isn’t as cheap as the local market, but Martin found almost everything on his list. He bought onions, garlic, tomatoes and an aubergine for a pasta sauce, and a cucumber and some radishes for a side salad.

Later in the week, he is hosting a dinner party for friends and wants to make a vegan curry. For the recipe he needs broccoli, but he couldn’t find it at the supermarket, so he bought a cauliflower instead.

At the checkout, Martin asked for a paper bag because they are more eco-friendly. Although they are greener, Martin soon discovered that paper bags are not as strong as plastic bags. On the way home from the supermarket, the paper bag ripped and all the vegetables fell out.

The birds saw their chance for some tasty snacks and appeared immediately. They took a carrot, a pepper and some green beans and flew away!

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Comprehension Questions A2

Read the text and decide if the sentences are true or false.

  1. Martin eats meat.false: Martin is vegan; vegans do not consume animal products
  2. Yesterday Martin bought his vegetables at the local market.false: the local market was closed yesterday
  3. The supermarket is more expensive than the local market.true: the supermarket is not as cheap as the local market
  4. Martin bought everything on his shopping list.false: he found almost everything
  5. Later in the week, Martin is attending a friend’s dinner party.false: the dinner party is at Martin’s home because he is hosting it
  6. Martin asked for a paper bag because he cares about the environment.true: he chose a paper bag because they are more eco-friendly

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