The New Hairdresser (Topic: Hairdresser’s)

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Reading Comprehension Questions B1

Read the story about a visit to the salon, then decide if the sentences are true or false.

  1. I went to the salon to have my hair done for a wedding.In the text: I wanted a special hairstyle for a party I was planning to attend.
  2. The hairdresser shampooed my hair quite quickly.In the text: She needed to use a lot of shampoo and it took quite a while.
  3. The customer’s husband didn’t need to use a hairbrush.In the text: … brushing his bald head with a brush.
  4. The little girl had given herself a haircut.In the text: … her little daughter, who had just cut off one of her two ponytails.
  5. The hairdresser straightened my hair under the hood dryer.In the text: And when the hairdresser put in rollers to curl my hair and placed the hood dryer over my head…
  6. I was confident the hairdresser would do a good job.In the text: I was a little worried about what the end result would look like.
  7. I was pleased with how good my hair looked.In the text: In the end, the hairstyle looked fantastic!

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