Halloween 1: bat, coffin, ghost, monster, witch


Idiom Explanation Example
as blind as a bat unable to see well My mother is as blind as a bat.
like a bat out of hell very fast When I told them there was ice-cream in the kitchen they ran like bats out of hell.
an old bat annoying or silly elderly person My neighbour is a silly old bat. She’s always asking me to tidy my garden.


Idiom Explanation Example
give up the ghost die or stop making an effort (person)/ stop working (machine) The printer has finally given up the ghost.
not stand a ghost of a chance no chance of succeeding in something She doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance of winning the school election.
look as though you’ve seen a ghost look shocked Is everything ok? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost!


Idiom Explanation Example
the green-eyed monster jealousy, envy He tried not to flirt with other women because his girlfriend had problems with the green-eyed monster.
a nail in the coffin of… something that makes the destruction or end of something more likely Failing the exam was the nail in the coffin of my good marks.
a witch-hunt accuse a person or group of something or blame them for something/publicly make somebody look bad, discredit them (politically) The senator was the victim of a witch hunt against conservatives.
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Exercises C1

Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

  1. Without my glasses I’m as blind as a .
  2. Jennifer was really surprised by the news and she looked as though she had seen a .
  3. The old women kept asking me the same question. She was a silly old .
  4. Try not to let your jealousy show. Nobody likes the green-eyed .

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. When three students failed the final maths exam, the parents blamed the teacher. They demanded that he be fired.
  2. As soon as the bell rings I'm going to run to the beach so quickly. I can’t wait to go swimming.
  3. It’s just one kilometer until the finish line. Keep running, you can do it! Now is not the time to…
  4. It’s January and warm and sunny. This could be …
  5. The train leaves in 5 minutes. I’d better drive you to the station, otherwise you’ll miss the train.

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