Hairdresser: brush, comb, curl, hair

Brush, Comb, Curl and Hair Idioms

Idiom Explanation Example
go over something with a fine-tooth comb examine something in detail The teacher went over our homework with a fine-tooth comb but found no errors.
curl somebody’s hair frighten somebody Please don’t sneak up on me like that again, you curled my hair.
have a bad hair day have a bad day —What’s wrong with Alex?
—Nothing, he’s just having a bad hair day.
hair-raising very scary The drive down the icy mountain was a hair-raising experience.
pull/ tear your hair out be very concerned about something He’s been tearing his hair out about the English exam. He thinks he’s going to fail.
split hairs argue over small unimportant details Is there really such a difference between iPhone and Android or are you just splitting hairs.
give the brush-off not talk to or be unpleasant to someone Marnie gave me the brush-off today. I must have offended her or something.

Phrasal Verbs – Brush

Phrasal Verb Explanation Example
brush something off dismiss something without considering it Even though he knew she was right, he brushed off her comments. He didn’t want to think about that now.
brush with something experience or almost experience something (often unpleasant) Jill had a brush with death when she was hit by a car last year.
brush up on something improve you knowledge of something I’m doing a course to brush up on my French.
display incorrect answers

Exercises C1

Complete the sentences with off, with or up.

  1. I think you should brush   on your drawing skills before you go to that art workshop.
  2. Mary had a brush   her ex last weekend.
  3. Politicians shouldn’t be so quick to brush   these poll results.

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. I’m terrified of heights. Even riding an escalator …
  2. There is a mistake here somewhere, the numbers just don’t add up.
  3. Our son has gone travelling. He usually calls us every day, but we haven't heard from him in over a month. We’re so worried …
  4. Last year we built a haunted house for Halloween and it was so scary.
  5. I must have done something to piss Helen off. She hasn’t said a word to me all day.
  6. This morning I woke up late, locked my keys in the car and spilt coffee on myself.
  7. —To make the sauce fry the onions then add the garlic and after that the carrots and celery.
    —No, first you fry the garlic then add the onions and after that add the carrots and celery.
    —Well, it’s much the same really …

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