eyes, mouth, nose


Idiom Explanation Example
up to your eyes/eyeballs in something to have a lot to do, or have too much of something I have so much to do at work at the moment. I'm up to my eyeballs in stress!
give someone the evil eye stare at someone I don't think your sister likes me. She always gives me the evil eye.
turn a blind eye pretend not to see something I'll turn a blind eye this time, if you promise not to do it again.
keep your eyes peeled! be alert/look carefully for something in particular I've lost one of my earrings. Keep your eyes peeled for it!


Idiom Explanation Example
look as is butter wouldn't melt in his/her mouth a person who can do no wrong He looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. But don't be fooled. I saw him smoking behind the oval.
leave a bad/ nasty taste in your mouth

an unpleasent feeling after an experience

That shop assistant was so rude. It's left a bad taste in mouth, and I won't shop there again.
put words in/ into sb's mouth to say that someone means one thing, when the actually mean another I never said you could have $50. You're putting words in my mouth.

put your foot in your mouth (AmE, BrE)/

put your foot in it (BrE)

to accidentally say the wrong thing You really put your foot in your mouth when you told Alex about the party. It was supposed to be a surprise.


Idiom Explanation Example
(right) under someone’s nose directly in front of a person —Where are my keys?
—They’re on the shelf, right under your nose.
keep your nose clean

keep out of trouble

You've been expelled from three schools this year, so you'd better keep your nose clean this time.
a nosey parker an over curious and questioning person My neighbour is such a nosey parker. She knows everything about everyone in the street.
display incorrect answers

Exercises C1

Complete the sentences with the words below.

eye – eyes – mouth – nose

  1. After getting out of prison James wanted to keep his   clean.
  2. I know that my homework is due today. But can't you just turn a blind   and let me hand it in tomorrow?
  3. My sister is a little devil but she looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her  .
  4. My word, the shopping centre is busy today. Keep your   peeled for a parking space!

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. Laura has three exams next week. She's studies for at least 4 hours everyday.
  2. Ms Jones is my least favourite teacher. She is very strict and when we come to class late she...
  3. —But Mum! You said I didn't have to do my homework today.
    —No, I didn't. I said that if you finish your homework, you don't have to walk to the dog. You are......
  4. My sister is always gossiping with her friends and sticking her nose into everyone's business.
  5. On the last night of our holiday we stayed in a 5 star hotel, but I'd give it 1 star. The staff were rude, the food terrible and the room not properly cleaned.
  6. I couldn't find my glasses anywhere so asked my mum if she had seen them. It turns out they were in front of me on the kitchen table.
  7. Jane told Marcus that Lucy had a crush on him, but it was supposed to be a secret. She totally...

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