face, tooth, teeth, eyebrow


face the music deal with the consequences of your actions Rhys had been on the run for too long. It was time he faced the music and called his parents.
in-your-face impossible to ignore, aggressive or annoying Annabelle is a loud in-your-face kind of girl. Odd, because her parents are both so quiet.
lose face be humiliated How could we admit our failure without losing face?
save face avoid humiliation Most people want to save face by not admitting failure.
put your face on apply make-up It took her half an hour to put her face on every morning.


sink your teeth into something to work on something challenging, interesting or exciting/work with enthusiasm and productivity She was happy to finally have a project she could sink her teeth into.
fight tooth and nail fiercely fight something The students fought tooth and nail to stop the government from closing their school down.
have a sweet tooth like sweet food My Grandpa has a sweet tooth. He adds sugar to everything.


raise an eyebrow express disapproval or surprise His mother’s mini-skirts and red lipstick raised a few eyebrows among the other parents.
display incorrect answers


Type the correct word into each space.
Eyebrow, Face, Tooth/Teeth

  1. There is an all–you-can–eat dessert buffet for those of you with a sweet .
  2. When I told my mother I was pregnant she raised an in surprise.
  3. I’ll be ready in five minutes. I haven’t finished putting my on.

Choose the correct idiom for each sentence.

  1. You need to stop ignoring your problems. It’s time to …
  2. Rather than lose the race to her little sister, Katie decided not to compete at all.
  3. Neville is going to play Hamlet in the school play. He’s never had the lead role before and he’s excited about the challenge.
  4. Some people say the best kind of advertising is the kind that can’t be ignored.
  5. The government tried to deport the refugees but after a long court case they were allowed to stay.

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