hair, chin, ear, cheek

Idiom Explanation Example
the hair of the dog (that bit you) to drink something alcoholic to cure a hangover The best hangover cure is hair of the dog. Drink something alcoholic and you'll feel better.
let your hair down relax I can't wait for the weekend. I'm going to relax and let my hair down.
make someone's hair stand on end scare or terrify someone The film is so spooky, it will make your hair stand on end.
(keep your) chin up stay positive or happy in difficult times Chin up! Summer will be here soon.
take something on the chin accept bad luck or a bad situation well, without complaining As an artist you have to learn to take criticism on the chin.
sb's ears are burning be aware that someone is talking about you I think someone was talking about me this morning. My ears were burning.
go in one ear and out the other information quickly forgotten or not noticed Everything I learnt today went in one ear and out the other.
be all ears listen with interest What did they say? Tell me. I'm all ears.

turn the other cheek

not react when you have been attacked or insulted When somebody insults me, I turn the other cheek.
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Exercises C1

Complete the sentences with the words below.

hair – chin – ear

  1. After a stressful week. Marion went out with friends to let her   down.
  2. Her   must be burning. We've been talking about her all night!
  3.   up Johnny, just two exams to go.

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. Last night I was home alone. I heard a noise coming from the front room. I thought it was a robber. I was terribly frightened.
  2. I worked so hard on my homework, but the teacher gave me a D- which is a terrible grade!
  3. We had a lot to drink last night and today we feel terrible. People say to try...
  4. When someone attacks you, the best thing to do it to...
  5. —Are you listening to me? What did I just say?
    —Um …
    —I thought so, with you it’s all …
  6. —Are you listening to me?
    —Yes, I’m …

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