Tennis: ball, line, score


Idiom Explanation Example
the ball's in your court the next decision is yours to make I told her that I loved her and now the ball is in her court.
keep your eye on the ball focus/pay attention The race is next week, I need to keep my eye on the ball if I want to win.


Idiom Explanation Example
draw the line (at doing sth) the limit to what a person will do I'm happy to help Joanna with her homework, but I draw the line at doing it for her.


Idiom Explanation Example
score points do something to make people like you/
outdo someone
Cara scored points by baking cupcakes for everyone.
Patrick scored points by listing the planets of the solar system.
know the score know the facts Ask Michael, he always knows the score.
settle a score take revenge on someone for something they have done in the past Last time we played against Leeds they beat us 6–0. It was humiliating. Tonight’s our chance to settle the score.
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Übungen C1

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. With the exams just one week away, it's important that the students …
  2. The boss was impressed with Janice during her job interview. She knew everything about the company.
  3. We have a cleaning lady, who comes once a week. She vacuums and mops the floor, and cleans the bathroom. But she doesn’t do our washing. Mum says that we have to do it ourselves.
  4. Jack wanted to be the captain of the football team. He always went to training early and stayed late afterwards. He wanted the coach to notice him.
  5. Last year on April fools day, Dom's brother attacked him with water bombs. This year, Dom is going to take revenge.
  6. I asked my parents if I could go to a concert on a school night. They said they needed to think about it.

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