Airport: fly, flight, high flyer, take off, clouds, nosedive

Idiom Explanation Example
time flies time passes rapidly What? It’s already 11 pm? How time flies!
to take off to leave This party is boring. I think I’m going to take off.
to take off to start being successful When they started to focus on customer service, their business really took off.
flight of fancy a silly or fanciful idea

He suggested that we install a swimming pool at work – what a flight of fancy!

to be a high flyer to be very successful Titus is working at the Council of Europe now. He’s always been a high flyer.
head in the clouds to be constantly distracted/not paying attention I feel like you never listen to what I’m saying. You’ve always got your head in the clouds.
nosedive a sudden failure/downswing The US economy took a nosedive in 2007, causing a global recession.
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Exercise C1

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. It’s always been his dream to make a living from his art. Now that dream is finally starting to come true.
  2. I had to repeat my question three times before she realised I was talking to her. She’s always thinking of something else.
  3. Every time I visit Marta, we always talk a lot and we don’t notice how late it’s getting. Then she looks at the clock and says: “It’s already midnight!
  4. He’s the CEO of a software company, supports charity organisations, and flies to the Mediterranean for the holidays every year.
  5. At first our project was going very well, but then suddenly everything went wrong.
  6. You were talking about moving to Hawaii. Is that still your plan?
  7. I can’t stay long – I have a lot to do today.

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