Sightseeing: map, castle, ruin


idiom Explanation Example
off the map a faraway or remote place She lives in small town in the Australian outback. It’s so far away, it’s completely off the map.
put someone/something on the map make someone or something famous or important Winning the talent contest will finally put me on the map.
wipe something off the map completely destroy or remove The bomb wiped half of the town off the map.


Idiom Explanation Example
castles in the air/
a castle in Spain
daydreams/ unachievable goals She built castles in the air about being a pop star.
in ruins destroyed/broken Their marriage was in ruins, so they decided to get a divorce.
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Exercises C1

Choose the correct idiom.

  1. After the hurricane most of the city had been badly damaged.
  2. The town of Barrow, Alaska is one of the most northern towns in the world. It’s very far away from anywhere else.
  3. He dreamt of being a famous skydiver, but he was afraid of heights.
  4. Jamie Oliver made Italian food famous in the UK.
  5. Global warming causes rising sea levels. This means that many small islands and towns along the coastline could be …

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