Lingolia English Grammar Worksheets

Our Lingolia Grammar Worksheets are perfect for self-study or classroom use.

Each worksheet bundle contains:

  • varied exercises for each individual topic
  • examples and explanations
  • review sections
  • answer key

Check out our current topics below, with more coming soon.

Part 1: Simple Present & Present Progressive

  • Format: PDF Download (sold via Digistore24)
  • Page Count: 55 Pages, A4
  • Price: 4.99 EUR

Lingolia Grammar Worksheets – Simple Present & Present Progressive comprises 55 pages of exercises, examples and explanations on key topics like:

  • the verb be
  • 3rd person -s
  • don’t vs. doesn’t
  • questions, short answers and question words
  • present participle (-ing form)
  • tense comparison (I go vs. I’m going)

Step-by-step explanations, easy examples and plenty of practice make it easy to learn when to use the simple present, when to use the present progressive and the key differences between these two tenses.

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