Comparative/Superlative – Free Exercise

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Complete the comparative forms of the adjectives.

Comparative Superlative
dark add -er add -est
nice add -r add -st
heavy replace -y with -ier replace -y with -iest
beautiful more + adjective most + adjective
bad bad–worse–the worst bad–worse–the worst

Use the basic, comparative or superlative form of the adjective to complete the sentences.

  1. This house is (high)  than the television tower.signal: than → comparative|one-syllable adjective: add -er
  2. That’s the (good)  song the musician has released so far.signal: the → superlative|irregular adjective: good–better–best
  3. The journey is almost as (long)  by car as it is by train.comparison with as … as → basic adjective
  4. My dog is the (clever)  dog of all.signal: the → superlative|clever has two possible superlative forms: the cleverest or the most clever
  5. She is (happy)  with her new job than with her old one.signal: than → comparative|two-syllable adjective ending in -y: replace -y with -ier
  6. Some of the (intelligent)  people have studied at this university.signal: the → superlative|multi-syllable adjective: more + adjective
  7. You are as (funny)  as a clown.comparison with as … as → basic adjective
  8. To me there isn’t a (pleasant)  pastime than a walk along the beach.signal: than → comparative|multi-syllable adjective: more + adjective
  9. He is not as (rich)  as everyone believes him to be.comparison with as … as → basic adjective
  10. That was the (big)  burger I have ever eaten.signal: the → superlative|one-syllable adjective →double the final consonant and add -est