Adjectives - Exercises

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Complete the comparative forms of the adjectives.


Type in the correct form of each adjective (positive, comparative or superlative).

  1. This house is (high)  than the television tower.comparative (signal word than)|single-syllable adjective → add er
  2. That’s the (good)  song the musician has released so far.superlative (signal word the)|irregular comparative (good-better-best)
  3. The journey is almost as (long)  by car as it is by train.positive/basic form (signal word as … as)
  4. My dog is the (clever)  dog of all.superlative (signal word the)|two-syllable adjective ending in er → add est
  5. She is (happy)  with her new job than with her old one.comparative (signal word than)|two-syllable adjective ending in y → add er|y becomes i
  6. Some of the (intelligent)  people have studied at this university.superlative (signal word the)|multiple-syllable adjective → construct comparative using more/most
  7. You are as (funny)  as a clown.positive/basic form (signal word as … as)
  8. To me there isn’t a (pleasant)  pastime than a walk along the beach.comparative (signal word than)|multiple-syllable adjective → construct comparative using more/most
  9. He is not as (rich)  as everyone believes him to be.positive/basic form (signal word as … as)
  10. That was the (big)  burger I have ever eaten.superlative (signal word the)|single-syllable adjective → add est|final consonant after short stressed vowel is doubled

Put the words in the correct order.

  1. ahousebigblue.
  2. woolenanoldhat.
  3. beautifulItalianwomana.
  4. cottonshortgreenaskirt.
  5. oldanpair of shoesuglypurple.