Adjectives – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct linking verbs and adjectives to complete the sentences.

Only use each verb and each adjective once.

  1. Is that a new perfume? It .
  2. My neighbour grew this apple in his garden, but unfortunately it .
  3. You voice , do you have a cold?
  4. This bridge , let’s turn back.
  5. The new guy , he helped me with my bags.

Put the words in the correct order.

  1. a housebigblue
    size – colour
  2. an woodentableold
    age – material
  3. a beautifulwomanItalian
    opinion/physical quality – origin
  4. a skirtshortgreencotton
    shape – colour – material
  5. an purplepair of shoesuglyold
    opinion/physical quality – age – colour

Complete the sentences with the strong forms of the adjectives in brackets.

  1. When shall we eat? I’m (hungry)  !very hungry = starving
  2. I need to wash my car, it’s (dirty)  .very dirty = filthy
  3. This Pokémon card is (valuable)  .very valuable = priceless
  4. Patrick was (angry)   about the robbery.very angry = furious
  5. Winter in Siberia is (cold)  .very cold = freezing