Adverbs – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Construct adverbs out of the adjectives.

  1. quiet →  just add ly
  2. wild →  just add ly
  3. whole →  ending e is removed, then add ly
  4. funny →  y becomes i, then add ly
  5. good →  irregular construction

Turn the underlined adjective into an adverb, and type the adverb in the space.

  1. Your English is perfect. You speak English  .just add ly
  2. I am so healthy because I eat  .y becomes i, then add ly
  3. Bob is a friendly boy. He greets everybody  .irregular adverb construction → adjective already ends in ly, so you have to find an alternative adverb form (in a friendly way/manner)
  4. My dad is an early bird, he gets up   every day.adjective and adverb are the same
  5. One question in the test was so difficult, I could only answer it  .irregular adverb construction (with difficulty)

Choose the correct comparative form of the adverb.

  1. The little girl can shout (loudly)   than her big brother.adverb is formed by adding ly → comparative formed with more/most
  2. She works (well)   than her colleagues.irregular form (well-better-best)
  3. In this picture, you are the one that smiles (happily)   of all.adverb is formed by adding ly → comparative formed with more/most|y becomes i when adding ly
  4. I cook (badly)   than he does.adverb is formed by adding ly, but the comparative forms are the same as those for the adjective (badly-worse-worst)
  5. After ten years he loved his wife even (much)   than at the beginning of their relationship.irregular form (much-more-most)