Countable/Uncountable Nouns – Free Exercise

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Decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect.

  1. There are some chairs and tables in the kitchen.Chair/table are countable nouns.
  2. We need some new furnitures for our kitchen.correct: We need some new furniture for our kitchen.|Furniture is an uncountable noun.
  3. Two breads, please.correct: Two loaves of bread, please.|Bread is an uncountable noun, to count them we can use units (loaves, slices, pieces).
  4. That’s an important information.correct: That’s an important piece of information.|information is an uncountable noun which can only be counted with units (piece).
  5. He saw three rare birds on his last birdwatching trip.Bird is a countable noun.
  6. I saw a lot of bird migrating south.correct: I saw a lot of birds migrating south.|Bird is a countable noun here is must used in the plural form.

Complete the sentences with a, an, or nothing (-).

  1. Rita bought dress in the sales.[Dress is a countable noun, we a because dress starts with a consonant.]
  2. I need milk.[Milk is an uncountable noun. We do not use an article.]
  3. Lawrence has new furniture.[Furniture is an uncountable noun. We do not use an article.]
  4. Have you ever seen elephant?[Elephant is a countable noun. We use an because elephant starts with a vowel.]
  5. We ate sweets for breakfast.[Sweets is an uncountabel noun. We do not use an article.]

Choose the correct countable/uncountable noun to complete the sentences.

  1. Rita asked for a glass of .[We use the unit glass with liquids → milk (not silver)]
  2. Alex eats 6 every week.[Number without a unit (kg, slice etc.) → only countable nouns can be counted without a unit.|Bread is an uncountable noun, we count bread with units (slice, piece, loaf).]
  3. Can you buy a block of at the shops?[To count chocolate we use units (block, piece or square).| To count bread we use units (loaf, piece or slice).]
  4. There are a few in the fridge.[few → countable nouns|Vegetable is a countable noun.]
  5. I got home quickly because there was very little on the road.[little → uncountable noun|Traffic is an uncountable noun.]