Prepositions – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Look at the picture above, and type the correct prepositions into the spaces.

  1. Ian lives   a small house.a building → in
  2. He has been living here long (beginning of the time period is known) → since
  3.   his house, there is a to, beside, by
  4. It was built three years     Ian’s uncle, who is an architect.1st space: how many years ago (when) → … ago|2nd space: creator (by whom) → by
  5.   the hotel there is a bus stop.physically before something → in front of
  6. The people staying   the hotel can get on the bus here to go   the city centre.1st space: a building, but also a place that people use for a particular reason → in/at (both are correct)|2nd space: destination → to
  7. When they come back, they can get off the bus   the other side   the street.1st space: on a certain side → on|2nd space: belonging to (genitive) → of
  8.  winter, Ian also goes   bus quite often.1st space: when/season of year → in|2nd space: to travel in a vehicle → by
  9. He only uses his car   the weekends or when he goes shopping   Thursdays.1st space: when/weekend → at|2nd space: when/weekday → on
  10.   his workplace, where has been working   four years, he usually goes   foot.1st space: destination → to|2nd space: how long (amount of time is known) → for|3rd space: walking → on foot
  11. It’s only about 10 minutes   his home.starting point → from