Distributives – Free Exercise

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Exercises – Mixed

Choose between both, either or neither in the sentences.

  1. We ate in two different restaurants and I thought of them were fantastic, the food was just amazing.positive meaning of allboth
  2. Unfortunately, of the two restaurants is open on Mondays.negative meaning of not one or the otherneither
  3. We can stay in and cook or go out.signal word: oreither
  4. He said he is happy with option.positive meaning of one or the othereither
  5. I want a starter or a main course, would be too much.1. signal word: oreither|2. positive meaning of allboth

Choose between each or every in the sentences.

  1. I think as a group we ordered single dish on the menu.signal word singleevery
  2. of the dishes I tried was great.signal word ofeach
  3. I've been there twice and time the service was terrible.referring to two occasions → each
  4. We usually go there two weeks.before a number (two) to indicate how oftenevery
  5. Practically date with him was a disaster.signal word practicallyevery

Choose between all, no or none of in the sentences.

  1. We usually eat Mexican food because my friends love it.positive meaning → all
  2. Not dishes are as filling as pasta.signal word notall
  3. There are restaurants in my area.negative meaning, noun without a determiner (restaurants)no
  4. It was a shame that them enjoyed the food.negative meaning, object pronoun themnone of
  5. Unfortunately I had change so I couldn’t leave a tip.negative meaning, noun without a determiner (change)no