Indefinite Pronouns – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Read the dialogue and then choose the correct indefinite pronouns.

Nicole is preparing her birthday party. Because she has to organise the party herself, she has asked all her friends to help her before the party begins.

  • Nicole: Okay, let's get started. I hope we can get ready in time.
    has to blow up all the balloons. Did bring any more balloons?
  • Chris: Can help me carry the table into the garden?
  • Nicole: Are we missing ?
    Because the shops are still open and if there is missing, I could go and buy it.
  • Claire: No, I think we’ve got .
  • Nicole: Was that the doorbell? Is at the door? Can you have a look, Jim?
  • Jim: No, there is there.
  • Nicole: OK, so we still have some time before else arrives.
    I just hope we didn’t forget .
  • Jane: No, Nicole, there is you need to worry about.
    is all right. It’s going to be a great birthday party!
  • Jim: I am sure we have prepared now. Would like a drink?