Quantifiers – Free Exercise

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Exercises – Mixed

Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

  1. The kids don’t get pocket money.negative sentence, uncountable noun moneymuch
  2. The problem is that there are too online banks, I only know two, I need more options.positive sentence, negative meaning, countable noun banksfew
  3. After my wallet was stolen I had problems.positive sentence, countable noun problemsa lot of/lots of|Grammatically, many is also possible but it sounds too formal in this context.
  4. I always receive letters from my bank, it’s too paperwork.positive sentence with too, uncountable noun paperworkmuch
  5. It’s not a lot but I have already saved a money.positive sentence with a, uncountable noun moneylittle
  6. I can’t afford a new car, I don’t have money yet.negative sentence, not a sufficient amount of something → enough

Complete the sentences with some/any.

  1. I don’t have change for my bus ticket.negative sentence → any
  2. Oh no, have you forgotten your wallet? Would you like to borrow money?question, making an offer, expected answer is yes → some
  3. I’m not sure - are there nice restaurants in this area?question, not sure of answer → any
  4. I’m sorry I don’t have cash on me.negative sentence → any
  5. There are great money saving apps online.positive sentence → some
  6. I haven’t got cash for the carpark – do you have coins I can use?1. negative sentence → any, 2. question + request, expected answer is yes → some