Present Tenses – Free Exercise

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Choose the correct verbs so that each tense appears once.

  1. I five e-mails so far.signal words so far, emphasis on the result → present perfect simple
  2. She since seven o’clock.signal word since (emphasis on the time) → present perfect progressive
  3. Sandy and her mum a cake at the moment.signal words at the momentpresent progressive
  4. Let's ask Tom. He the answer.signal word probably (supposition) → future I simple|know is a verb that we generally don't use in the progressive form
  5. They TV right now.supposition about the progression of an action, signal word probablyfuture I progressive|present progressive would also be correct (especially in American English), but then it would have to be are probably watching.
  6. She is well-informed about politics because she the newspaper every day.signal words every daysimple present

Complete the sentences for situations in the present. Use the following tenses: simple present, present progressive, present perfect simple, present perfect progressive, will future, future progressive.

  1. Ms Smith (work)   as a sales representative for three years.signal for three years → present perfect progressive
  2. In her job, she regularly (drive)   around a lot to meet her customers all over the country.recurring action in the present (signal: regularly) → simple present
  3. Today, she (travel)   500 km to meet a customer.completed action that occurred in an ongoing time period (today), focus on how many kilometres → present perfect simple
  4. She (be/surely)   tired now.supposition about a condition/process in the present (signal: surely) → will future
  5. At the moment, Ms Smith (stand)   in her hotel room.signal: at the moment → present progressive
  6. She (arrive/just)  .signal just → present perfect simple
  7. But she (can/not)   take a little nap now because she (must)   call her customer.actions in the present; modal verbs → simple present
  8. They (wait/probably)   for her phone call.supposition about what is probably happening at the moment of speaking → future progressive