Simple Past/Present Perfect Simple – Free Exercise

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Choose between the simple past and the present perfect simple to complete the sentences.

to England?signal: ever → present perfect simple

—Yes, I there three times.saying how many times up to now (signal: three times) → present perfect simple

—When to England?asking about a specific past event (when) → simple past

—I last there two years ago. I a few days in London.specific time marker (two years ago) → simple past

Complete the sentences using the simple past and the present perfect simple.

  1. He (tell/already)   you his answer.signal: already → present perfect
  2. The children (go/not)   to school on Monday.specific past time marker (on Monday) → simple past
  3. I (give)   you his phone number last month.
    Why (you/call/not)   him yet?1. signal: last month → simple past|2. signal: yet → present perfect
  4. (you/see)   that new movie yet?signal: yet → present perfect
  5. I (visit)   a friend the other day.signal: the other day → simple past
  6. My grandma (send)   me a birthday present yesterday.signal: yesterday → simple past
  7. We (hear)   a new song on the radio two days ago.signal: ago → simple past
  8. We (get/just)   home.signal: just → present perfect
  9. So far he (speak/only)   about the company’s past successes.signal: so far → present perfect