Exercises – Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Decide which option is best in the sentences.

  1. You’ve missed Tina — she has just to the bank.Tina is still at the bank → gone
  2. I’ve never to Mexico.signal word neverbeen
  3. He’s already for lunch, call back later.He is still at lunch → gone
  4. We’ve to China before but we’ve never to Vietnam.1. talks about completed visits → been, 2. signal word neverbeen
  5. Have you to the new restaurant in town yet?talks about a possible completed visit, the speakers are not at the restaurant at the moment of speaking → been
  6. Patrick isn’t here, he’s to work.Patrick is still at work → gone
  7. Liv has never to the beach before.signal word neverbeen
  8. Chris has to work so he will miss the party tonight.Chris is still on holiday → gone
  9. I can’t believe Sean has on holiday without giving notice, his boss is furious!Sean is still on holiday → gone
  10. Where have you ? You’re half an hour late!talks about a completed visit, the second person has returned → been