Been to/Gone to – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Decide which option is best in the sentences.

  1. You’ve missed Tina — she has just to the bank.Tina is still at the bank → gone
  2. I’ve never to Mexico.signal word neverbeen
  3. He’s already for lunch, call back later.He is still at lunch → gone
  4. We’ve to China before but we’ve never to Vietnam.1. talks about completed visits → been|2. signal word neverbeen
  5. Have you to the new restaurant in town yet?talks about a possible completed visit, the speakers are not at the restaurant at the moment of speaking → been
  6. Patrick isn’t here, he’s to work.Patrick is still at work → gone
  7. Liv has never to the beach before.signal word neverbeen
  8. Chris has to work so he will miss the party tonight.Chris is still at work or on his way there → gone
  9. I can’t believe Sean has on holiday without giving notice, his boss is furious!Sean is still on holiday → gone
  10. Where have you ? You’re half an hour late!talks about a completed visit, the second person has returned → been