By/Until – Free Exercise

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Choose by or until to complete the sentences.

  1. You must hand in your assignments 3pm next Monday after that they will not be accepted.expressing a deadline (no later than 3pm next Monday) → by
  2. I was afraid of the dark I turned 17!end of a time period → until
  3. We ate the sun went down.end of a block of time → until
  4. 8 o’clock the children were exhausted.the action of being exhausted was completed before 8 o’clock → by
  5. The kidnappers have given us next week to pay the ransom.end of a block of time → until

Complete the sentences with by or until.

  1. I will be home   7 o’clock, after that you can find me in the park.end of a block of time → until
  2.   the time she turned 25 she had gray the time = fixed epression
  3. You have to be here   9 o’clock tomorrow morning, otherwise you will miss the presentation.deadline → by + time
  4. He works from 9   5 every day.end of a block of time, fixed expression from … until
  5. Nobody can leave the room   we find out who the murderer is!end of a block of time → until