Every/Any – Free Exercise

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Choose any or every.

  1. Ralph should be home minute now.this minute or that minute or the other minute → any
  2. in my class has brown hair.all the people → every
  3. It was Christmas and house in the street was decorated.all the houses → every
  4. Luigi is in love and he calls his girlfriend day.all the days → every
  5. Does know where the post office is?this person or that person or another person → anybody

Complete the sentence with any, anything or every, everything.

  1. The shop had   ice-cream flavour you could image.all the flavours → every
  2. My sister is a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat   meat.negative sentence, no meat → any
  3. I eat  . Meat, vegetables, cheese. If you put it on the plate, I’ll eat it.all foods → everything
  4. Lisa is 9 months pregnant. The baby will be born   day now.this day or that day or another day → any
  5. If you have a problem, you can call me   time you like.this time or that time or another time → any
  6.   time I call, there’s no one home.all times or whichever time → every/any