Exercises – Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Complete the sentences with less or fewer. Follow the rules.

  1. Michael earns money than me.less + uncountable noun
  2. Elizabeth has twitter followers than me.fewer + countable noun
  3. You should eat ice-cream, it’s not healthy.less + uncountable noun
  4. They have homework than us.less + uncountable noun
  5. These day, we have problems.fewer + countable noun

Complete the sentences with fewer or less.

  1. Order pizzas next time.fewer + countable nouns
  2. I used oil this time.less + uncountable nouns
  3. They spent time in Greece this year.less + uncountable nouns
  4. There were people on the train this morning.fewer + countable nouns
  5. cars meen pollution.1. fewer + countable nouns|2. less + uncountable nouns