Exercises - Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Choose for or since to complete the sentence.

  1. I’ve lived here I was born.since + point in time
  2. We’ve known each other we were children.since + point in time
  3. She’s been studying English a year.for + period of time
  4. They practised the guitar an hour and a half.for + period of time.
  5. My parents have been married 1985.since + point in time

Complete the sentence with for or since.

  1. Natalie has been a vegetarian her 15th birthday.since + point in time
  2. I have been waiting more than two hours. Where are you?for + period of time
  3. The baby slept four hours this afternoon.for + period of time
  4. He’s been working for the company the 70s.since + point in time
  5. We haven’t lived here very long.for + period of time