Get/Become – Free Exercise

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Choose get or become.

  1. How did you here so quickly?arrive → get
  2. My aunty the first woman CEO of her company.become + noun
  3. I was late for work because I couldn’t the car to start.To make something do something|infinitive with (to start)get
  4. Weather forecasters warn that the storm may a hurrucane.become + noun
  5. The children sullen when Isabella refused them sweets.Formal register → become
  6. My socks don’t match because I dressed in a hurry.Reflexive meaning (I dressed myself)get
  7. We need to going, we don’t want to be late to the party.Start to do something|Present participle going → get

Replace get with a verb that has the same meaning.

  1. I got   an important phone call from a colleague.
  2. Newspapers have managed to get   exclusive photos on the queen on holiday.
  3. It rained heavily and we got to   at the party soaking wet.
  4. We got   by bus to the city centre.
  5. They got to   the summit just after midday.

Choose the correct word to replace the underlined words in each sentence.

  1. Next year I will become 25.
    fixed expression to talk about age → turn
  2. How did you get to work this morning.
    get to → arrive at
  3. She suddenly became angry and refused to speak to him.
    describe change → become + adjective
  4. Neville received a new office when he was promoted to general manager.
    get → receive
  5. Can I get you a glass of water?
    get → offer
  6. Claire was fired because she stole from the till.
    passive structure with past participle (fired)got
  7. Apparently the weather will become colder next week.
    Describing change → get/turn