Go/Drive/Ride/Take – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the right word to complete the sentence.

  1. Last weekend we to Berlin.mode of transport not mentioned → went
  2. More people should to work, it’s much better for the environment.ride a bike → cycle
  3. Robby his bike 10 km every day.ride a bike
  4. It’s easy to reach the airport from the city centre, just the number 73 bus.take + public transport
  5. My little nephew loves to the train.travel in a vehicle as a passenger, public transport → ride

Complete the sentences with go, drive, ride or take.

  1. Can you  ?be able to control a car/have a driving license → drive
  2. They’ve bought a car and are   around Australia.drive a car
  3. Do you   the tram or the bus to work?take + mode of transport
  4. I   the bus.take/ride + mode of transport
  5. Harry is a bad boy. He   a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket.ride a motorcycle