Good/Well – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose good or well.

  1. The weather was last weekend.good describes the noun weather
  2. Those tourists don’t speak English . Their English is not 1. well describes the verb speak|2. good describes the noun English
  3. That colour looks really on you.Use good after linking verbs like look
  4. Jerry slept very last night.well describes the verb sleep
  5. How do you know Erica?well describes the verb know

Choose the correct well + past participle combination to complete the sentences.

  1. Alex has got a new job.A job that pays well.
  2. Julia has such nice clothes. She’s always so .A woman who dresses well.
  3. My friend writes romance novels. The books are quite popular in England and he has become very .A person who is known by many people.
  4. If you want to be a journalist you have to stay about current affairs.A journalist who has a lot of information about current events.
  5. Have you read Harry Potter? The books are very .Books that have been written well.

Write good or well.

  1. My husband cooks very  .well describes the verb cook
  2. This soup tastes  .use adjectives after linking verbs like taste
  3. Alice and Ruby like dancing, but they aren’t   at it.good describes the noun dancing
  4. Are you feeling ill? You don’t look very  .well → in good health
  5. James is a   person. He will help you.good describes the noun person