Have/Get (Causatives) – Free Exercise

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Complete the sentences with the correct form of have someone do something.

  1. I (the doctor/check)   my blood pressure at my last appointment.simple past (signal: at my last appointment)|had + person + infinitive
  2. You should (someone/look)   at the hole in the roof.infinitive (signal: should)|have + person + infinitive
  3. Jo and Sam want to (a band/perform)   at their wedding next month.infinitive (signal: want to)|have + person + infinitive
  4. They (a professional/plan)   their last party, it was great.simple past (signal: the last party … was)|had + person + infinitive
  5. I can’t talk right now, I’ll (my assistant/call)   you back.infinitive (signal: will)|have + person + infinitive

Complete the sentences using the passive structure have something done.

  1. I (my tyres/change)   every year.simple present (signal: every year)|have + object + past participle
  2. My grandad (his hip/replace)   a few years ago.simple past (signal: ago)|had + object + past participle
  3. I’d love to (my fortune/tell)   one day.infinitive (signal: would love to)|have + object + past participle|irregular verb: tell-told-told
  4. I can do my own manicure, but I prefer (my nails/do)  .gerund or infinitive with to (signal: prefer)|having/to have + object + past participle|irregular verb: do-did-done
  5. If I had the budget, I would (my wedding dress/make)   by hand.infinitive (signal: would)|have + object + past participle|irregular verb: make-made-made

Rephrase the sentences using the correct form of get someone to do something as shown in the example.

The kids did their homework.
→ I …………………………………… their homework. = I got the kids to do their homework.
  1. The dog stopped barking.
    → The trainer   barking.simple past (signal: stopped)|got + person + infinitive with to
  2. My boss gave me a pay rise.
    → I   me a pay rise.simple past (signal: gave)|got + person + infinitive with to
  3. Paul always does stupid things with his friends.
    → Paul’s friends always   stupid things.simple present (signal: always does)|got + person + infinitive with to
  4. The salesperson reduced the price.
    → I   the price.simple past (signal: reduced)|got + person + infinitive with to
  5. Liam has stopped smoking since he met James.
    → James   smoking.present perfect simple (signal: has stopped, since)|has got + person + infinitive with to