Exercises – Confusing Words

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Choose whether or if to complete the sentences.

  1. You’ll get fat you eat all that chocolate.conditional sentence → if
  2. They aren’t sure or not it will rain tomorrow. whether + or not
  3. Have you decided to buy a bicycle or a car?whether + infinitive with to
  4. She is confused about her purse was stolen or not.preposition + whether
  5. you turn left at the traffic lights, you will see the post office on the right.conditional sentence → if

Complete the sentences with if or whether.

  1. She asked the police woman the criminal had been caught.indirect question, both possible, whether is more formal
  2. They don’t remember or not they closed the bathroom window.whether + or not
  3. Let us know you can come to the party or not.if/whether + … + or not
  4. the weather is nice, we can go to the park. conditional sentence → if
  5. I have to decide to study history or economics.whether + infinitive with to