Exercises – Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Choose leave or forget.

  1. Oh no! I’ve my glasses. Can you read me the menu?no place mentioned: forgotten
  2. I my phone on the tram.place mentioned (the tram): left
  3. Don’t the shopping list!no place mentioned: forget
  4. At the airport, he realized he had his passport. What a disaster!no place mentioned: forgotten
  5. Where did you the car keys?where refers to a place: leave

Complete the sentences with leave or forget.

  1. Lorelei has her lunch at home.place mentioned (at home): leave|present perfect, irregular verb: left
  2. Rory his sports uniform and couldn’t play football.no place mentioned: forget|past simple, irregular verb: forgot
  3. Mandy her keys almost every day!no place mentioned: forget|present simple, 3rd person singular (she): forgets
  4. As soon as the rain started, I realized I had the washing on the line.place mentioned (the washing line): left|past perfect, irregular verb: left
  5. Did I my jacket at your place last night?place mentioned (your place): leave| past simple question: leave