Exercises – Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Choose let or leave to complete the sentences.

  1. I my umbrella in the restaurant.something stays in the same place → left
  2. We won’t anything bad happen to you.allow something to happen → let
  3. They opened the windows and the cool summer breeze in.allow something to happen → let
  4. I don’t always follow the recipe. I often out the ingredients that I don’t like or don’t have.not include something → leave out
  5. You the milk out all day, and now it’s gone sour.something stays in the same place → left

Complete the sentence with let or leave.

  1. Open the curtains and the light in.allow something to happen → let
  2. In some hotels, you the room key at reception when you go out.something stays in the same place → leave
  3. the financial details out of the report.to not incude something → leave out
  4. He opend the door and the guets into the house.allow something to happen → let
  5. Don’t the cat sleep on the couch.allow something to happen → let