Lose/Miss – Free Exercise

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Choose miss or lose to complete the sentences.

  1. When are you coming home? I you.feel sad when someone is not there → miss
  2. We the game 5:1.not win a game or competition → lose
  3. Lulu a tooth yesterday.no longer have something → lose
  4. Richard is running late, he the bus.with public transport → miss
  5. The bus was late so we the English test.not attend a planned event → miss

Complete the sentences with lose or miss.

  1. My brother wants to   weight.have less of something, infinitive construction → lose
  2. We   the connecting flight at LAX International Airport.with public transport, simple past → missed
  3. I   the last episode of America’s Next Top Model. Who won?not experience a planned event, simple past → missed
  4. Don’t   your little sister in the crowd of people.not be able to find something, imperative → lose
  5. She is sick and will   a whole week of school.not attend a planned event, future I (will + infinitive) → miss