Lose/Loose – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

  1. There was lots of change at the bottom of her backpack.adjective → loose
  2. I’ve my keys!verb, unable to find something → lost
  3. I’ve just heard on the news that there’s and axe murderer on the .fixed expression → on the loose
  4. Try not to this race. It’s very important.verb, fail to win → lose
  5. My father is his hair.verb, have less → losing

Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

  1. I’m loosing my mind.
    I’m losing my mind|verb → lose, losing, lost
  2. We lost the dog.
    verb → lose, losing, lost
  3. She wore her hair in a loose ponytail.
    adjective → loose
  4. I think Marcella will loose the competition.
    Marcella will lose the competition.|verb → lose, losing, lost
  5. Budget cuts mean that up to 200 people will lose their jobs.
    verb → lose, losing, lost