Make/Do/Take – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect.

  1. Tomorrow, my class is making a test.
    to take a test
  2. Excuse me for a moment, please. I need to make a phone call.
    to make a phone call
  3. Michelle does aerobics twice a week.
    to do sport
  4. Jian is making an English class.
    to take a class/course
  5. I’m tired. I think I’ll take a nap.
    to take a nap

Choose make/do/take to complete the sentences.

  1. Next weekend Robert and Maria are a trip to take a trip
  2. Who your hair? It always looks do one’s hair
  3. Our children well at do well/badly
  4. I’ve you an appointment at the dentist’ make an appointment
  5. Did you a lot of photos in Spain?to take a photo

Complete the sentences with do/make/take.

  1. My father   the cooking in our do the cooking|3rd person sigular → makes
  2. I can’t come to class tomorrow. Will you   notes for me?to take notes
  3. Sit down. I’ll   you a cup of make a drink
  4. Georgia never   the make the bed|3rd person singular → makes