Must/Have to – Free Exercise

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Choose must or have to.

  1. Unfortunately, my boss says I work this weekend.obligation from outside (the boss) → have to
  2. You visit us in Brighton this summer. We’d love to show you around.advice for the future/obligation from the speaker → must
  3. At many schools in the UK, childern wear a uniform.obligation from outside (school rules) → have to
  4. I exercise more often. It always makes me feel so good.obligation from inside (I want to) → must
  5. We try that new restaurant. Everyone says it’s wonderful.obligation from inside (we want to) → must

Choose mustn’t or don’t have to.

  1. You swim here. There are sharks in the water.not allowed → mustn’t
  2. He work next week. Lucky him!no obligation, 3rd person singular → doesn’t have to
  3. You come if you don’t want obligation → don’t have to
  4. You be late tomorrow. The bus will leave without you!not permitted → mustn’t
  5. We have to hurry. There’s plenty of obligation → don’t have to

Complete the sentences with have to, don’t have to or mustn’t.

  1. She   go to school tomorrow. It’s a obligation, 3rd person singular → don’t have to
  2. In Australia you   drive on the left.obligation from outside (the rules) → have (got) to
  3. You   smoke inside. It’s illegal.not permitted → mustn’t
  4. Tonight the film is free. You obligation → don’t have to
  5. He   get up early tomorrow to catch a flight.obligation (the flight), 3rd person singular → has (got) to