Of/From/By – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct preposition in the sentences.

  1. I live in London but I’m originally Helsinki.origin → from
  2. The book was written my favourite author.passive sentence → by
  3. Copenhagen is the capital Denmark.possession, link between two impersonal things → of
  4. Look at my new bag, it is made recycled plastic bottles.manufactured product → from
  5. Some my friends still live with their parents.quantifier → of
  6. The school is only ten minutes here.distance → from
  7. My necklace is made solid gold.raw material → of
  8. The plate was made my good friend.passive sentence → by
  9. The courses that we offer range beginner to advanced.range → from
  10. He changed state school to private school last year.change of state → from