Exercises - Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Use British spelling. Choose practise or practice.

  1. Mohamed is rather good at cricket but he needs to his batting. verb → practise
  2. Annalise the piano diligently.verb → practise
  3. Learner drivers should complete 200 hours of before attempting their driving test.noun → practice
  4. Her written German is very impressive but she needs to her speaking and listening skills.verb → practise
  5. Are you coming to dance this afternoon?noun → practice

Use British spelling. Complete the sentences with practise or practice.

  1. Daily is the key to improvement.noun → practice
  2. My brother flying in a flight simulator.verb|simple present, 3rd person singular → practises
  3. I haven’t played tennis for a long time. I’m out of .noun → practice
  4. At culinary school we different cooking techniques.verb → practise
  5. She reading the peom aloud until she knew every word by heart.verb|simple past, regular verb → practised