Exercises - Confusing Words

display incorrect answers


Choose say or tell.

  1. Sorry? Did you something?say: use words, speak
  2. My uncle the worst jokes.to tell a joke
  3. The doctor to rest.no indirect object → say|past simple → said
  4. They that chocolate isn’t good for dogs.no indirect object → say
  5. Will you us a story?indirect object + direct object → tell

Complete the sentence with the correct verb.

  1. Can you me what the time is?indirect object → tell
  2. The teacher that you did very well on the exam.no indirect object → say
  3. I didn’t anything.say: use words
  4. You can’t trust them, they never the truth.to tell the truth
  5. Yesterday, the policeman us to drive carefully.indirect object → tell

Choose the object pronoun, an object pronoun with to or nothing (–).

  1. How rude! He told to shut up.tell + indirect object
  2. Maria says that you shouldn’t run in the hallways.say: use words to express youself
  3. Can you tell I called?tell + indirect object
  4. What did that man say ?1st option: say + to + indirect object|2nd option: say, use words to express youself
  5. Can you speak up? I can’t hear what you are saying .say: use words to express youself