Sensible/Sensitive – Free Exercise

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Choose sensible or sensitive.

  1. You need to make a decision about your future.wise → sensible
  2. Rajesh has skin, he has to buy special sunscreen.fragile/delicate → sensitive
  3. Photographic paper is to UV light.easily affected → sensitive
  4. I have never seen Isla wearing shoes.practical → sensible
  5. He takes everything too personally. He is a very person.easily affected → sensitive

Complete the sentences with sensible or sensitive.

  1. You can trust Michaela. She is a very   and reliable woman.wise → sensible
  2. The bright sunlight caused the children’s   skin to burn.delicate/fragile → sensitive
  3. A good leader is   to the needs of his or her team.understanding → sensitive
  4. The   thing to do when it rains is close the window.wise → sensible
  5. Her parents made sure she only packed   items of clothing for her overseas trip.wise → sensible