Shade/Shadow – Free Exercise

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Choose shade or shadow.

  1. You should always wear sunscreen, even when you are sitting in the .protection from the sun → shade
  2. No one answered the door, but Alex could see a moving behind the glass door.a shape of darkness → shadow
  3. They sat in the of a large oak from the sun → shade
  4. Leaving the dark room, Ahmed his eyes from the bright sun with his block the sun|past simple, regular verb → shaded
  5. Ari watched the dancing in the candlelight.shapes of darkness → shadows

Complete the sentences with shade or shadow.

  1. My dog is afraid of his own  .a shape of darkness → shadow
  2. It was hot and all the animals on the farm rested in the  .protection from the sun → shade
  3. We sat in the   of the from the sun → shade
  4. The new building cast a huge   over the city.a shape of darkness → shadow
  5. A   appeared in the darkness and Lucy was terrified.a shape of darkness → shadow