Should/Shall – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose the correct option in the sentences.

  1. The doctor said that I drink alcohol, but I still have a glass of red wine sometimes.advice → shouldn’t
  2. What do you think — I take the new job or stay here?asking for opinion → should
  3. It’s a shame we have to queue, we these tickets in advance.advice on a past situation → should have + past participle
  4. That place looks nice — stop for a coffee?suggestion → shall|should is also possible
  5. You really try doing yoga, it will help your back pain.advice → should
  6. You feed the ducks at the pond, they are already too’s not advisable/allowed→ shouldn’t|are not supposed to is also possible
  7. Have you tried the Mexican restaurant? The food be fantastic!it is said → supposed to
  8. That looks very difficult, do it for you? It will probably be easier.making an offer → shall|should is also possible
  9. That’s strange, the train here now.talking about expectation → should
  10. The new treaty states that the EU countries continue to work together concerning environmental topics.formal English → shall