Some/Any – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose some orany.

  1. Do we have tomatoes?question → any
  2. I ate fruit for breakfast.positive sentence → some
  3. Anita hasn’t got pets.negative sentence → any
  4. The flight attendant didn’t have information about our arrival time.negative sentence → any
  5. April has family in Wales.positive sentence → some

Complete the sentences with some or any.

  1. Harrold and Julia don’t know   good restaurants in Boston.negative sentence → any
  2. Have you seen   Steven Spielberg films?question → any
  3. You have   tomato sauce on your face.positive sentence → some
  4. My parents grow   vegetables in their garden.positive sentence → some
  5. I haven’t got   siblings.negative sentence → any

Complete the sentences with an indefinite pronoun (something, someone/somebody, somewhere, anything, anyone/anybody, anywhere).

  1. Has   seen my glasses?question, asking about a person → anyone/anybody
  2. Would you like   to drink?offer, we expect the answer to be yes → something
  3. I had a strange feeling that   was following me.positive sentence, referring to a person → somebody/someone
  4. The hotel was very beautiful. Mary-Anne had never been   so posh before. word with a negative meaning (never), referring to a place → anywhere
  5. She said   about coming late today.positive sentence, talking about a statement → something