Speak/Talk – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose speak or talk.

  1. Ruby Japanese and Korean.know/be able to use a language → speak
  2. Enough about homework let’s ice-cream flavours.discuss something → talk + noun
  3. I to Manuella on the phone last night.context of telephoning → speak
  4. The teacher wants to to me. I think I am in trouble.something important or serious to discuss, official context → speak
  5. Tim is away at summer camp. He misses his family very much and he wishes he could to them.informal context → talk

Are the sentences correct or incorrect?

  1. Darling, who are you talking to?
    darling indicates an informal situation → talk
  2. My mother talks Spanish.
    know/be able to use a language → speak
  3. I’m speaking at an international conference next week.
    an international conference = formal occasion → speak
  4. Hello, can I talk to Jerry?
    use speak in connection with telephoning

Complete the sentence with speak or talk.

  1. I’m   to the kids at the primary school about recycling next week.communicating with primary school children = informal occasion|present progressive → talking
  2. The dinner was very boring, we   business all night.talk + noun = discuss something|past simple → we talked
  3. How many languages can they  ?know/be able to use a language → speak
  4. I need to   to the bank about a savings account.the bank = formal discussion → speak
  5. Yesterday, we   to our neighbours about having a street party.if you are organising a party with your neighbours, you are likely to have a friendly relationship = informal context|past simple → we talked