Take/Bring – Free Exercise

display incorrect answers


Choose take or bring.

  1. The ambulance him directly to the hospital.movement away from one place to another → take
  2. Michael, can you me a glass of water?movement towards the speaker’s location → bring
  3. It’s raining. an umbrella with you.movement away from the speaker’s location → take
  4. It’s going to be warm next weekend. If you want to go swimming when you come over, you will have to your bathing suit with you.movement towards the speaker’s location (when you come over)bring
  5. I’ll you a souvenir from New York.movement towards the receiver → bring

Complete the sentences with take or bring.

  1. I can   you to the airport tomorrow if you like.movement away from the speaker’s location → take
  2.   a jumper with you, the weather is going to change this afternoon.movement away from the speaker’s location → take
  3. Can I   someone to your party tomorrow?movement towards the listener → bring
  4. Little Red Riding Hood   cake and wine to her grandmother.from the perspective of little red riding hood (the doer): the cake and wine moves away from her location → take|from the perspective of grandmother (the receiver): the cake and wine move towards her location → bring
  5. My boyfriend always   me flowers on Valentine’s day.movement towards the receiver → bring