Then/Than – Free Exercise

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Choose then or than to complete the sentences.

  1. I’m taller you.use than in comparisons
  2. We went to the cinema, he drove me, after that → then
  3. My sister is older your sister.use than in comparisons
  4. He looked at Rosie at, after that → then
  5. First we are going to the restaurant and to a, after that → then

Complete the sentences with then or than.

  1. Greece is warmer   Germany.use than in comparisons
  2. This tea tastes better   the other one.use than in comparisons
  3. Every morning she wakes up and has a shower   she makes a coffee and goes to work.after that, next → then
  4. It rains more in Norway   in Qatar.use than in comparisons
  5. They ate pizza   went to bed.after that, next → then