To/Too/Two – Free Exercise

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Choose to, too or two to complete the sentences.

  1. Alice has gone France for a month.preposition of movement → to
  2. He stopped talking take a sip of water .infinitive verb phrase → to take a sip of water
  3. There are boys in my class called Bradley.number → two
  4. The man spoke quickly.adverb, more than needed/wished for → too
  5. My mother has blue eyes .adverb, also → too

Complete the sentences with to, too, or two.

  1. The teacher isn’t   pleased with our exam results.adverb, very → too
  2. It’s   o’clock.number → two
  3. Class goes from 8:30 am   3:05 pm.preposition of time → to
  4. The homework was   hard!adverb, more than needed/wished for → too
  5. We went   the park   walk the dog.1. preposition, movement → to|2. infinitive verb phrase → to walk the dog